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For as long as Pluto is in Capricorn it will be disposited by Saturn which will be disposited by Venus. So Venus and whatever sign it's in will influence Saturn and Pluto for months to come.


When Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius it will join this chain of dispositors. Uranus in Aries will be disposited by Mars for years to come, so take note of what sign Mars is in to understand how Uranus is influenced. So when Mars is in Gemini, Uranus will also have Mercury as its dispositor, and when Mars is in Cancer, Uranus will also have the Moon as its dispositor.

Jupiter's dispositor changes each year at the time it changes signs. This year early January had Jupiter as its own final dispositor. From June , Jupiter in Taurus has Venus as its dispositor. Within the last two spans, the transits of Mars and Venus indicate the backdrop to how Jupiter works.

This will make Mars and then Venus very important in all Jupiter-influenced new adventures, learning challenges, and studies of higher consciousness and other spiritual areas. Though some of this is technical, hopefully it will help you understand why two different people with Saturn in Virgo, Venus in Gemini, or Mars in Capricorn or any other planetary position can be so radically different in their responses to similar areas or events.

2. Find the Element of the Dispositor of the Ascendant

What we've covered here can also help to elucidate why some supposed "compatibilities" are not so compatible, and some supposedly incompatible planets in signs actually get along quite well. The answer to the mystery could very well be found in the dispositors! May 10, Permalink. Tags: chain of dispositors, dispositor, mutual reception, planetary home signs, rulerships.

I have two mutual receptions in my chart. Those energies are Feeling like a woman and thinking like a man, or vice versa. Autistic, narcistic or lonely from time to time :. These last few months I finally started to exercise one form of marshal art and I'm so gratefull to use those strong planetary and my natal forces in a constructive way, to learn something.

It finally came to my head :. Posted by: yzse May 11, at AM. I allow myself to propose you the article I had read then, and only God and maybe Venus as well: knows why decided to reread now.

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Posted by: Svetlana May 13, at PM. Hi Robert, This is a wonderful article on dispositors! It is so thorough, simple and helpful--the best. Jupiter in Libra is ruled by Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries is ruled by Mars in Cancer.

Finding the Final Dispositor

And Mars in Cancer is ruled by the Moon in Cancer. Every other planet in her chart can be traced back to the Moon in this way, making the Moon a Final Dispositor of the chart. When looking at dispositor relationships, think of them as a chain-of-command situation. Planets will always look to their ruling planet for guidance as to how they can express.

Final Nakshatra dispositor of Planets by Michael Reed in Vedic Astrology

A planet in its own rulership is its own boss which is good for the planet, but not necessarily easy for the individual to deal with. Aspects in Vedic Astrology. Motilal Banarsidass Publishers. Foretelling Widowhood.

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