January 2020 chinese horoscope

Can't be rich with disasters come along, life cannot be peaceful and may even suffer from the pain of family separation. The rat man is born to be a kind of clever feeling. They are able to bring happiness to their lovers in the process of love. To make the opposite sex like themselves more, the rat people can wear some ornamentals such as a big red flower, Chinese knot or red string. In addition, the love fortune for both rat man and woman are all in the southwest.

Therefore, the southwest should be used correctly and do not arrange items randomly. Putting the bed in a right direction and planting a vibrant green leaf plant are helpful. It is easier for you to find the man's truly heart, but the man who is too proud makes you unhappy. An appropriate match. The man is strong in self-reliance, and you will feel comfortable with such a person.

Rat Compatibility

A good marriage, but there are sometimes disagreeable conversations between you, and this often makes you uneasy. Good choice. Living together can produce sweet love and can truly appreciate the feeling as tender as water.

Horse Horoscope 2020 Chinese Predictions

Perfect match. She can be loyal to you and maintain a close relationship, which makes your passion and romantic psychology have a dependence. Unharmonious, the rabbit intentionally or unintentionally to disobey the mouse's will, and the mouse may not be able to tolerate. Ideal match. The husband is considerate and knows how to respect his wife and can satisfy her vanity. Can be good or bad. The mouse's tenderness and thoughtfulness can make his wife very happy, but his wife may still develop her feelings to others which make the rat husband frustrated.

Make another better choice since both sides are impulsive, blind and have less tolerance of each other. Marriage is utilitarian. Sheep are fond of the rat's wealth, and want to try every means to dominate the life of rats. Can be happy. The monkey may cheat the mouse and cause the mouse misunderstanding and sad, but eventually will get the mouse's understanding in short time. Life is happy. Virtues of a chicken are enough to keep the rats in control of their profligate life. Couples can have a better relationship and can share happiness with each other. The rat people will step into the year of the dog in , and there will be a significant improvement in all aspects, especially for in terms of career and study.

Chinese horoscope - Year of the Metal Rat

Helpful persons and strong backers from different business will appears around the rat man. There may be a mass annihilation as well, therefore the mouse should be particularly careful on the issues of going-out and health. Different kinds of bad luck and bad man may come around and it is hard to avoid a financial lost, even serious enough to lawsuit. But overall, the mouse will be more successful in the whole year of It will be a good year in recent years!

Special tips: Rat man born in and should pay special attention to safety while those born in and should pay more attention to protecting their health. It will be easier for the rat to make money in than in A rise in wages or flourish in business can be achieved. A lot of fast money can be made, such as the income by investment, stock or card playing.

But these revenues are easy to come in and out, and are likely to trigger a trouble. To business people, it will take you a lot of effort to earn a return in , and it is recommended that you lay a solid foundation in this year.

In the second half of the year, there may be some tempting opportunities. You must think carefully, if you are not sure about the risks. For the working rats, the progress of is very encouraging. The career pattern will gradually improve, the power in the hands will become bigger, the helpful people will appear, the promotion and salary raising have been already in the plan.

But bad people will try to find your fault because of the envy and jealousness. Rats should be careful about this.

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For the rat friends who do business and run companies, will be relatively weak. Most of the income will be used for investment or regular consumption, which often leads to a need of money. The business looks good, but in fact a serious problem is under covered.

It is easy to break the law when doing business, thus bringing the lawsuit, please be careful. For single mouse, whether male or female, can meet a satisfying mate. For those who married or in love, there will be some frustrations which need to be cautious about in Female rats are stressed out whether in marriage or in love relationship.

The spouse seems unkind and the relationship feels cold. All these may easily lead to a quarrel and contradiction. For male rats, the opposite sex will appear around. If you are not vigilant enough, it will lead to a bad result. If there is an affair, it is easy to cause a great scandal and make you thoroughly discredited.

Separation, divorce may also occurred if serious. The luck for safety and health for zodiac rat is much bad in Remember not to do high-risk activities this year, avoid dangerous and remote places, and avoid the north direction as much as possible. Rat people should be careful not to eat fatty foods, exercise more, and keep a good daily routine so as to avoid the illness of urinary tract, excretion and reproduction. For children born in , it is likely that there will be weight gain, whether boy or girl, the parents must control their pocket money and food, do not pamper them to eat and drink.

For the elder rat, bad spirit, memory loss, cold hands and feet, rigid joints and other problems should be brought to the forefront. For people away from home or driving should be seriously careful about traffic safety and should not be greedy for the joy of driving overspeed.

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Rat Horoscope 2020 – Love, Finance, Feng Shui and Monthly Horoscopes

Ask a Question. Code: I accept the Privacy Policy. See the zodiac dog personality advantages and shortages here and check if they fit you. Rat Woman Characteristics The rat woman is very frugal, and she always manages to save every penny on basic necessities of life. The Love and Marriage of a Rat Woman Woman of the year of rat loves to daydream and pursues ethereal love. Skills of Getting Along with Rat People After Marriage To the people born in the year of rat, people from all corners of the country are friends, they always put their friends in the first place which makes their partners jealous.

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