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Moon conjunct Pluto in synastry

Astrology itself is so very much more than Sun signs, let alone the complexity of relationship, so these comments about compatibility are only part of a bigger question. Are you suited to each other? Healthy relationship requires both harmony and challenge. This is better supported by hard aspects rather than soft; relaxing and having fun tends to be easier with softer aspects, so a good balance of both hard and soft is best.

As a general rule I like to keep them tight, but the choice is yours - can you actually see or feel the reality of it? This shows as mutual understanding, good rapport and willingness to see the other's point of view. For example Venus Mars connections support sexual interest. Her Moon conjunct his Sun She feels that she provides him with emotional c omfort, and a caring home, so he is easy to be with and is more authentic, truly confident and self-expressive in the world.

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His Sun square her Mercury Difficulty in communication because she tries to tell him things he doesn't want to hear. Her Pluto square his Mars Highly charged, intense and probably sexually fiery. You dumb ASS! Find something useful to do with your time! I have that aspect. Yoga has helped me immensely. It introduces a gradual change and aids self awareness. I have a cancer moon square pluto, both of which are heavily aspected.

Our biggest fights have been on the days the sun transits my pluto in libra, and we make up exactly opposite that day, six months later. Therapy and introspection has helped me immensely.

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Thank you for your insights and interpretation. Glad to see you found a way to make progress with this Sarah. Therapy in particular does suit the nature of both Mon and Pluto. Hi Niqua, Houses make no difference to me. The degree of the planets are more important because of the fixed stars.

Moon Conjunct Sextile Trine Square Opposition Pluto Aspects

I am 1st February born. Place : dehri on sone , country : india. How it is going to change or help my life. You do not have this aspect Ajay. The only really challenging aspect you have is Mars square Pluto. Also research Sun quincunx Saturn and Saturn quincunx Neptune because they form a yod aspect pattern to Saturn retrograde on fixed star Sirius in your chart.. Do you suggest getting some councelling or therapy to overcome it?? Probably a good idea Tina.

Getting more complex about your chart you can read Yod Astrology. Moon is the action point of your yod. At the base is Venus sextile Neptune. Try to google information about Moon quincunx Venus and Moon quincunx Neptune.

Moon Square Pluto Natal and Transit – Astrology King

Aug 22, , los angeles vs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Bri. Read up and try and use the trine to overcome the square.

Romantic compatibility analysis:

Jamie Thank You for the respond but my birthday is Nov. My natal Sun is conjunct Pluto in my 12th house to within a degree. For years I was aware of my Sun square Moon in my 9th aspect but after years of studying astrology, my chart, etc, it was only recently that a friend commented on my Moon square Pluto aspect. I felt dumbfounded, never realized I had this aspect before! It was THAT hidden, lol. Thanks Jamie for shining a little light on the where these compulsive behaviours come from, i have moon square pluto natally and the dark side is not a pretty picture as you so eloquently wrote.

I have this aspect. I am a Chinese woman, in our culture, the forgiveness means to never talk about the past. The memories of my childhood is so hurt to recall, and I still feel a little painful nowadays. Anyway, thanks for the advise. Hey… thank you for your post… seems pretty accurate. I feel that Pluto in my chart causes me great difficulty sometimes… I have this aspect on my chart, Pluto Square Moon my moon is in Cancer 4th house, Pluto in Libra 7th house.

Also have Saturn in Cancer in the 4th house. Sometimes I feel very very angry. It is really challenging deal with the emotions.

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  6. Do you have any advice in how to balance those energies? Please let me know. Hi Jamie, your post is very enlightening. I am currently trying to understand how the full moon on 1st Jan will play in a synastry chart. The full moon will square the natal Pluto of one person and at the same time it will conjunct 3 degrees its mars. So my understanding is that the natal mars square pluto will be activated. Although I was wondering if this means that this trait will be exposed in public or it will be eliminated as you wrote. The thing is that the mars of this person conjunct the natal Ceres of the other person so would this also activate the synastry ceres square pluto?